Lucid Nightmare - roll attribute

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Lucid Nightmare - roll attribute

Mesaj necititde johnnyhenderson » 08 Sep 2017, 11:01

Lucid Nightmare mount
Issue: The mount lists to one side or the other (non vertical roll - as opposed to pitch or yaw), following the terrain. Horses do not do this. They remain vertical with respect to their side to side attribute.

A horse may have pitch when going up and down a hill, or even yaw when spinning around, but no horse should have roll. It's unnatural from a vehicle standpoint for this mount to have it's roll attribute anything but vertical. When was the last time you saw someone on horseback listing sideways?

Mechanical vehicles follow the terrain and can have a dynamic roll attribute, but living creatures keep themselves vertical.

Other horse mounts handle this properly - ie: Invincible, which always retains a vertical roll attitude.
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