Baptiştii şi (i)moralitatea

Topicuri pe care ar trebui sa le stergem, dar ne e mila de timpul pierdut de altii la scrierea lor.
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Baptiştii şi (i)moralitatea

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Baptist Scandals

12% din pastorii baptisti au contacte sexuale cu membrii bisericilor lor.
40% sunt implicati în diferite relatii sexuale ilicite.

While news media have repeatedly focused on abuse among Catholics, Protestant insiders have also long known that many of their own clergy -- especially youth workers and pastors who do counseling -- were breaking the laws of God and man.

"The incidence of sexual abuse by clergy has reached 'horrific proportions,' " according to a 2000 report to the Baptist General Convention of Texas. It noted that studies conducted in the 1980s found that about 12 percent of ministers had "engaged in sexual intercourse with members" and nearly 40 percent had "acknowledged sexually inappropriate behavior."

Sadly, this report added: "Recent surveys by religious journals and research institutes support these figures. The disturbing aspect of all research is that the rate of incidence for clergy exceeds the client-professional rate for both physicians and psychologists."

Pastor Baptist acuzat de molestarea sexuala a trei baieti.

WINCHESTER - On Sept. 26, The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts notified lay leaders of the First Baptist Church of Winchester that their pastor, the Rev. Lawrence French, had been found guilty by a church panel of sexually molesting three boys between 1960 and 1982. ... aptist.htm

Pastor Baptist cunoscut pentru cruciadele lui morale împotriva pacatului este acuzat ca a angajat un ucigas sa-i omoare un rival.

SANFORD, Fla. -- A Florida evangelist and former religious broadcaster accused of plotting to murder a rival sat solemnly yesterday as jurors heard a profanity-laced tape in which he allegedly discussed the proposed killing.

"It's gotta get done and he's gotta get done," George Crossley says in the recording.

Crossley, 56, is a Baptist minister who for years used conservative talk shows on Orlando-area television and radio stations to campaign against gay rights and sex education. He was also instrumental in getting a federal grand jury to investigate charges that a Florida sheriff illegally targeted members of minority groups for drug enforcement.

He was arrested in June 1996 after hiring a federal agent posing as a hit man to murder George Waldo, a fellow minister who had harassed him for years. Waldo had also accused Crossley of having an affair with his wife. ... uirer1.htm

Pastor Baptist acuzat ca a încercat sa determine un alt barbat sa aibe relatii sexuale cu el.

Members of Brentwood Baptist church in southwest Houston gathered Monday night for an unprecedented meeting. Many thought they were voting to terminate Pastor Joe Ratliff, but instead the vote was on a lesser punishment -- suspension with pay.

Ratliff is accused of soliciting sex from a man at the church office. The man sued, but the suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Many in the congregation say they're glad to have Ratliff stay at the church. Others say they're not sure they'll stay.

"We're gonna proceed with our pastor and God's vision for the church and campus and we're relieved to put this past us," said church member Jacqueline Preston.

"He's a good man, takes care of the kids and we're glad he's back," said another church member, Norwetta Prevost. ... blems.html

Un congressman Baptist angajat în relatii sexuale cu multe femei.

Most women recognize Condit for what he is -- a womanizer who used women for his own twisted power kicks and sexual fulfillment. Nobody honestly believes Condit actually cared about any of the women he bedded. He didn't truly care or respect the intern, the stewardess, or the teenage daughter of a Pentecostal minister. His wife? I don't know. If Condit truly cared about his wife, he had an odd way of showing it.

Credinta baptista a lui Bill Clinton este cheia întelegerii infidelitatii lui.

"To understand Clinton the president, you have to meet Bill the Baptist, a believer whose faith leaves plenty of license," said a subheading to the article, written by religion correspondent Kenneth Woodward.

"Bill Clinton - both the public and the private man - cannot be fully understood without grasping the nuances of his Baptist upbringing," wrote Woodward, noting that the president's positions on abortion and school vouchers reflect the views of former Baptist leaders who fought the Roman Catholic Church over those issues. ... sweek.html

Unul din hotii care au facut spargerea care a determinat scandalul Watergate era un Baptist activ.

One of the five men arrested early Saturday in the attempt to bug the Democratic National Committee headquarters is the salaried security coordinator for President Nixon’s reelection committee.

The suspect, former CIA employee James W. McCord Jr., 53, also holds a separate contract to provide security services to the Republican National Committee, GOP national chairman Bob Dole said yesterday.

McCord is an active Baptist and colonel in the Air Force Reserve, according to neighbors and friends. ... tergat.htm

Pastori evangelici intra în relatii sexuale cu femeiile care vin la ei pentru sfaturi spirituale.

In Homestead, Pa., William Michael Altman, senior pastor at nondenominational Grace Christian Ministries, visits the hospital bedside of Marcia Bezak. Mrs. Bezak, a childhood molestation survivor with a 15-year history of depression and eating disorders, has just attempted suicide for at least the third time. According to Mrs. Bezak's testimony in a civil suit she filed in 2000, Mr. Altman says he will counsel her and help her recover. During counseling Mr. Altman tells her that her husband does not understand or appreciate her; he also allegedly convinces her that it is God's will that she regularly perform oral sex on him. When confronted, Mr. Altman confesses the relationship to church leaders, but later claims it was a consensual affair.

In Fergus Falls, Minn., Nazarene pastor Mervin Kelley initiates sex with a female parishioner who came to him suffering from clinical depression related to childhood incest. While providing spiritual aid and comfort, Mr. Kelley tells the woman, who is also the church pianist, about his past experience of having sex with animals. He also tells her he wants to engage in homosexual acts, and invites her to watch. Before preaching on Sundays, he sometimes leaves a "gift" for her on the church piano: a tissue containing his semen. When confronted, Mr. Kelley claims the relationship was a consensual affair.

In Detroit, Haman Cross Jr., pastor of Rosedale Park Baptist Church and a nationally known speaker on sexual purity, begins counseling parishioner Donna Scott, first for marital sexual troubles, then for problems related to childhood sexual abuse. According to Mrs. Scott's testimony, Mr. Cross gives her pornography, convinces her that "phone sex" with him will improve her marital sex life, and convinces her that sexual contact with him will help heal her incest wounds. In deposition testimony, Mr. Cross denies saying that the sexual contact was therapy and instead claims the relationship was a consensual affair. ... over_1.asp

Pastor Baptist încearca sa-si ucida sotia.

A Battle Creek minister, who told police he was evil, stabbed his wife, a female neighbor and his dog early Tuesday before quietly surrendering to police.

Neither of the women was seriously injured, but the dog died.

Battle Creek police identified the minister as the Rev. Charles R. Sandum, 67. He is the retired pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church and, in August, completed two years as interim pastor at First Baptist Church in Battle Creek. ... 89011.html

Pastor Baptist si sotia lui condamnati pentru viol si tortura împotriva unei femei tinere.

The Preacher Combs Trial, where a Baptist preacher and his wife were sentenced to 179 years for the rape and torture of Elsa Garcia.

An investigation followed and the Combses were charged in November 1998 with crimes including kidnapping, rape and abuse. During the trial in February and March 2000, the young woman testified how Joe Combs forced her to have oral sex almost every day and that when Evangeline found out about it, she beat her for it. The couple used bats and garden hoses to beat the girl, forced her to perform all the household chores and wouldn’t allow her to participate in the home schooling of the other children until her chores were completed. She suffered cuts from tin can lids, chunks of skin were pinched off with needle nose pliers, her skin was burned with a craft-type wood burner and a cut caused by a thrown shoe was sewn up without any anesthesia. Two days of testimony from the girl kept a full courtroom spellbound during the longest trial in Sullivan County history.

Pastor Baptist, presedintele denominatie National Baptist Convention fura milioane de dolari.

LARGO, Fla. - A respected Baptist preacher was a con man who looked people in the eye and smoothly swindled millions in church funds to finance a lavish lifestyle, prosecutors said Monday.

The Rev. Henry Lyons "led two totally different lives. He led one public life ... but there was a second side, a hidden side to Henry J. Lyons, a side that caused him to be brought here to this seat," Assistant State Attorney Robert Lewis said in opening statements at Lyons' racketeering and grand theft trial.

Attorneys for Lyons, the president of the National Baptist Convention USA, said the minister is a humble man who is being held accountable for failing to raise enough money for his church group.

Pastor Baptist condamnat la 12 ani închisoare pentru ca si-a abuzat sexual fiica.

Shreveport minister Jerry Elzie was sentenced Monday to 12#1/2#years in prison for molesting his daughter when she was 15 years old.

The former Emmanuel Baptist Church pastor tried to remain upbeat when his sentence was handed down by Judge Eugene Bryson in Caddo District Court, said Ed Blewer, assistant district attorney. ... 626A.shtml

Copii indieni abuzati sexual si fizic în scoliile protestante.

For more than a century Indian children in Canada were forced from their families and sent to boarding schools run by Canadian churches.

The schools were often brutal. Many children were sexually and physically abused.

Pastorul Baptist pentru tineret acuzat ca a fortat of fetita de 12 ani sa aibe sex oral cu el în WC-ul unui spital.

SUMTER, S.C. - A former youth pastor here has been charged with forcing a 12-year-old girl to perform oral sex in a hospital bathroom, police say.

Troy Glenn Clark, 34, of Lexington, N.C., has been charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor. He was released on a $20,000 surety bond Monday from a Sumter detention center.

Clark has been accused of assaulting the girl after attending a Halloween program at a local church in October 2001. ... 720272.htm

Pastor Baptist îsi paraseste sotia si dispare cu secretara bisericii cu care avea o relatie ascunsa de cinci luni.

A BAPTIST minister has resigned after leaving his wife and running off with a member of his flock.

The Rev Terry Igoe left his post as head of Milnsbridge Baptist Church to live with church secretary Sharon Stewart.

They are thought to be living in Hull after both left their partners following a secret five-month romance. ... teid=50060

Pastor Baptist fura din fondurile pentru ajutorarea copiilor.

In a deal likely to keep him out of jail, the Rev. Herbert Lusk pleaded guilty Thursday to five felony counts arising from his misuse of public funds while operating a state-subsidized child-care program in Seaside. ... 366461.htm

Pastor Baptist abuzeaza sexual o fetita de 9 ani.

In court records, the victim, who was 9 at the time, said her family became friends with the Delosh family while attending Bethany Baptist Church.

Delosh was then a deacon and a longtime member of the church. The victim knew him as "Daddy Pete."

The victim's mother said Delosh had her complete trust and that of many others. She said he had a good reputation and often performed acts of kindness for her and others.

The girl said she went to Delosh's home on Marye Road in June of last year for a sleep-over in a tent in his back yard, court records state.

The girl said that Delosh woke her up during the night by molesting her with his hand. The girl said she immediately sat up and told Delosh she needed to go to the bathroom. ... 002/774231

Pastor Baptist violeaza o femeie din biserica lui.

A 39-year-old Ceresco woman denied Wednesday she was having an affair with a Battle Creek minister she accused of raping her.

During her second day on the witness stand in the trial of the Rev. Richard Collins, the woman said she didn't immediately report the Jan. 28 alleged assault because she knew it would affect her family and the church.

"It was going to hurt everybody to know he was not the preacher we felt in our hearts he was," the woman said.

Collins, 63, pastor of the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Battle Creek, is charged with one count of third-degree criminal sexual assault and could be sentenced to up to 15 years if convicted. Testimony continues today in Calhoun County Circuit Court before Judge Allen Garbrecht. ... 57425.html

Un tânar acuza ca a fost abuzat sexual de pastorul lui.

(Chicago) -- A 26-year-old Cook County man on Thursday filed a lawsuit against a Protestant minister and a Near West Side church, alleging the minister sexually abused him 10 years ago and the church covered up the allegations.

Terrence Wallace filed the suit in Cook County Circuit Court Thursday against the Rev. Michael Taylor, who is a registered sex offender, and Mt. Ridge Missionary Baptist Church, 2658 W. Jackson Blvd.

According to the suit, Wallace was a member of Mt. Ridge in 1993 when Taylor, now 47, worked as a spiritual counselor at the church.

In April 1993, Taylor told Wallace he had a friend who owned a modeling studio and said Wallace could work there carrying equipment and doing some modeling, according to the suit.

Soon afterwards, Taylor drove Wallace to a brick house on the South Side of Chicago, where Taylor and another unidentified man "engaged in illegal sexual misconduct" with Wallace, the suit alleges.

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